/OFFER-REQUEST – 24 hrs 

PLEASE SEND YOUR OFFER REQUEST TO: or the Buxkin Sales Hub of your country.

Normally you’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hrs. Our offer within 1-5 working days.

If you include drawnings of the project our well exeperienced team likes to advice and offer you also the options for application.


The minimum order volume in EU and outside .EU is mentioned on the Products/Samples page.

/ORDER – VAT nr. – 24 hrs confirmation

PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO: or the Buxkin Saleshub of your country.

If we have further questions we will call or e-mail you within 1-5 days and send our order confirmation including transport(fee).


/ Provide your valid VAT number is necessary for delivering EU Countries / VAT Reversed Charge.

/ Transport:

You want to transport the goods? > Let us know in reply on the agreement including transport offer you receive for your order latest. Cancellation later will cost 30% of the transport costs and 100% if not cancellated 24 hours before transport. 

/ Minimum Order

Minimum orders are mentioned in our pricelist. 

Minimum ordercharge: all orders below € 750,- will be charged with € 75,-.

/ [Custom Made] Samples

Please find all samples on our product page. Delivery time 1-4 weeks. Bigger samples are available in consultation; charged per m2 according to our pricelist [available on request].

/DELIVERY-TIME 3-14 weeks (normally)

All products will be shipped from Europe, within 3-14 weeks after ordering normally/in accordance with your wishes and production occupation. However, Buxkin can not take any responsibility due to delay in delivery caused by suppliers and any third party such as transporters, nor can be hold responsible for any costs that might exist due to the delay. 

/TRANSPORT –Real Time track and Trace – Customs

According to the conditions of the Seaborne Group – or other third party – Buxkins Products  are transported. Buxkins offer for transport is included a 15% fee. Buxkins products are shipped world wide. Realtime tracking of your transport is available. Please read the transport conditions including the chapter Customs. Do notice that if import duties, taxes, financial penalties, security deposits or expenditure of whichever nature are impased or made as a result of an act by the customs authorities or as a result of the fact that the recipient has not provided correct documentation, costs will be charged. For the cost you will receive an e-mail invoice, which need to be paid within 14 days. Buxkin will never be responsible for any delay, damage etc. in sequel of the General Terms & Conditions of Seaborne.


Check and unpack all your goods within 24 hrs. If  case of transport damage, the damage must be noted on the freight note and send to within 24 hours. All goods must be returned in original packaging and only if agreed with Buxkin. If goods are not returned in original packaging the complaint will not be accepted.

All complaints must be reported within 24 hours. All goods must be returned in original packaging and only if agreed with Buxkin. If goods are not returned in original packaging the complaint will not be accepted.

If necessary store your goods unpacked; the materials must be able to exhale. Avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity and extreme temperatures; also avoid exposure to sunlight. 

Ribbed must be stored standing only. Be aware that storing can effect the Ribbed structure.


Buxkin Wall and Floor covering are carefully packed in environmental friendly packaging as can be, in cardboard sleeves and/or wrapped in LDPE Plastic.LDPE (Low-density polyethylene. (LDPE) is relatively easy to recycle and is also the most recycled type of plastic.

/PAYMENT TERMS – Collection of Payment

Payments only in Euro’s are accepted on Buxkin’s Bank Account [unless the information on the invoice states otherwise].

Foreign Operations
P.O. Box 1800

on name of Buxkin BV.

On all orders at least a 50% prepayment is required.

100% Prepayment is required:

. by custom-made coloring of any product

. by ordering of any other custom-made product such as hand made carpets ‘Stripes’, (hanging) panels, strips etc.

. first orders [unless a positive creditcheck].

. orders without payment agreements otherwise

In case of a 50% prepayment, the final payment has to be done after 14 days after delivery.

No other payment condition will be accepted by Buxkin, unless on moment of the first invoice, a written agreement is made by Buxkin HQ.

* Delay in application, except from application by Buxkin, is no reason for delay in payment.

Payment agreement will always be made in advance and confirmed in writing by Buxkin.

In case of failure, collection of payment will be handed by DAS Amsterdam, according to the Dutch Law.


Order cancellation can only be accepted with a written agreement from Buxkin. For all orders which are cancelled by written agreement, 30% of the total amount will be charged at least.


Changes of amounts or sizes are only possible after approval of our office. Changes may lead to extra costs.


Buxkin shall retain the ownership of all goods until full payment of all liabilities towards us has been made.


Buxkin’s products are guaranteed for 2 years, unless otherwise mentioned. The guarantee covers product faults NOT scratches or color changes.

Application complaints can only by accepted if the materials are applicated by Buxkin and/or the adviced gluing has been used.

Our products are carefully made in an industrial process. Never the less the natural ingredients can occur certain varieties in thickness, colour and  dimensions as with and length. Those varieties must be accepted. 

Natural and recycled materials such as recycled leather changes over time, becoming darker and shiny through use.

For each product a maintenance leaflet is available on our product page.