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  • What is BUXKIN used for?
    Wall coverings and furniture finishes. Can be applied directly to walls or pre-mounted on panels.
  • Country of origin
    Netherlands, with all input materials sourced from within the EU.
  • How to order?
    Please quote the material you need with the linear metres taking account of the usage in your design + wastage at 3-5% depending on the number of cuts.
  • Price list
    Please contact us to access an updated price list, you can find the contact details at the bottom of the page.
  • BUXKIN sales rep
    You can contact our sales rep at: CZ / FR: Thomas Zagdoun PL: Paulina Polaczek UK / AUS / US: REST / GLOBAL:
  • Minimum order quantity
    Our minimum order quantity is 6 linear metres: - recycled leather - roll width 145cms (4' 9") - wool felt and recycled felt - roll width 180cms (5' 11") - synthetic felt - roll width 200cms (6' 7") The only exception is our PU coated recycled leather: - Low - min. order quantity 70lm - Large - min. order quantity 60lm - Small - min. order quantity 40lm - Medium - min. order quantity 30lm
  • Sample requests
    You can purchase a sample box here.
  • Fire rating
    The native materials are not currently fire rated.
  • Acoustic performance
    BUXKIN can contribute to acoustics in 2 ways - absorption (felt products) and refraction (leather products). The leather is a class E product, the felts are class D, raising to Class A with 30mm of acoustic backing.
  • Sustainability credentials and VOC tests
    The materials have been tested under the BREEAM criteria and contain no VOC's, formaldehyde or heavy metals; wool felt has a Declare label certificate.
  • Lead time and delivery
    All production is made to order with lead-times up to 4-6 weeks for leather, 4-8 weeks for felt, 8-12 weeks for custom colours and finishes from deposit. Whichever the production time is finished, the delivery will be in upcoming week. Our standard incoterms are DAP.
  • Payment terms
    50% at point of order, balance upon dispatch. For smaller orders (<€1500) we may request 100% payment upfront, and for locations outside the EU & UK we will request 100% payment before dispatching the goods.
  • BUXKIN T&C and warranty
    Please see the Terms and Conditions below. .
  • BUXKIN installation and maintenance
    Please visit our website at Downloads page, where you can find our installation guide. We are happy to advise you on any possibilities and execution depending on the project.
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