MATERIAL MEETS ARCHITECTURE at dutch textile label BUXKIN. #innovative #contract and #residential use #acoustic panels #upholstery. Creative use of SUSTAINABLE materials, since 2015!
The WALLCLADDING and PANEL collection RIBBED, loved for the GRAPHIC lines and ACOUSTIC values, is called already an E V E R G R E E N. Smoothly produced in a patented industrial process, with rough recycled and natural materials as European paper, 100% Merino wool design felt, flameretardend from itself, biobased felt and recycled felt. The unique chromefree recycled leather collection is made of leftovers from shoe industry leather. 
Besides Ribbed Buxkin’s is the manufacturer behind STRIPES; a modern, exclusive handcrafted collection. Used as wallcladding, acoustic panels, rugs and even flooring.
All Buxkin materials and final products are produced in the EU. 

CHOSEN BY: Wolford, Studio Modijefsky, Hassel Studio, Amazon, Gensler, Twitter, Starbucks Coffee, Tom Dixon Studio Design Approach, Selffridges, Mecanoo, OMA, Coare group, TenArquitectos, HKArchitects, &Prast&Hooft, Kaan Architecten, Chipperfield, Zara Inditex, Diamond Point, WIRSind Architekten, Paul Smith and many others.

Awards / Certifcations / Nominations / Exhibitions
2019 Ventura Future / Milan-Tortona DesignWeek 2019
2018   Like Leather / Dutch Design Week /by Leonne CuppenDaria Biryukova and Sabine Silaraja
2017 Material Xperience /Selected by Materia /Wall of Fame
2016 Archiproducts Design Awards – Best of category
2016 Matrec Exposition Sustainable products @Vitra
2016 Nominated for the Green Product Award
2016 Certified by Material ConneXion Material of Excellent