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/ Creative use of sustainable materials

Discover some of the projects we created with you worldwide.

Visit our sample shop for BUXKIN original series samples.


Buxkin products are available in a range of sustainably sourced materials each with unique qualities.


Our original range comes with four different rib sizes on natural jute backing.

Natural materials from sustainable sources that are mechanically ribbed to produce a range of unique tactile wall coverings that feel as good as they look.

April 2015: BUXKIN is born

Following a first career in contemporary fabrics and design, Jan Veldhoen's research into new applications for recycled materials led to the creation of BUXKIN and a range of sustainable ribbed materials for upholstery and wallcovering.

Recycled materials need not compromise on quality or function.

Made in the Netherlands.

We are happy to receive your requests in English, Dutch, German, French, Polish and Czech for projects worldwide.

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