NL Government building B30 The Hague, KaanArchitecten

NL Government building B30 The Hague, KaanArchitecten

‘The renovation and extension on the original design led by Dikkie Scipio is aiming to achieve an open yet monumental architecture thanks to new openings, gardens and an artistic intervention on the atrium’s floor (text: Kaan Architecten)’
Stripes/multi-color design with over 50 colors! was made by Kaans Raluca Firicel. A challenge to manufacture; 330 m2 Rugs. Glued on two floors. The application in this project was finished by Buxkins own Application Partner Siersema.

CLIENT: The Governmental building B30

ARCHITECT: Kaan architecten

BUILDER Breijer Bouw & Installatie

B30 The Hague – NL

Product: Stripes/Felt-felt rugs /  260 sqm2 flooring

Color: Multi colored;
colors chosen by Kaan Architects

Stripes by Buxkin is made by hand. Felt made of 100% wool and recycled leather is cut into small strokes and glued by a special technic stripe by stripe.

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