“I don’t like to teach or push people in a certain direction with my designs. For me, it’s more important to build a stronger and deeper connection between people and my creative work. That’s why I see the importance of developing products, which could stimulate people and inspire them to explore and understand my ideas in their own way.” 


Use moduL to create unique seating ensembles, bookshelves or even presentation areas

#bench #bookshelve #presentation area? Use it your way.

Prices from 499 Euro

moduL – strong, modular handcrafted in Berlin. The concrete and Buxkin’s Recycled Leather are waxed so they are easy to handle for indoor and outdoor

The collaboration with Alissa Nienke and resulted in hanging panels that can be used as room dividers, window blinds as you can read on our Product Page, but even as an inspiring meeting table! Thick pieces of recycled leather are treated with a pattern of incisions, derived from their Mirabilia Wallpaper collection. 
Interest in this table? Feel free to contact us.
Interest in this table? Feel free to contact us.
Marco Iannicelli and Buxkin Founders Jan Veldhoen and Wilma Dijkgraaf met at the MilanDesignWeek 2015. Marco, independent product design artist, got inspirered by the natural charactristics of Ribbed/ recycled leather. A first prototype was introduced at the MilanDesignWeek of 2016.


2'16 Marco Iannicelli


2'16 Marco Iannicelli

Marco Iannicelli sitting is his atelier in his first Ribbed prototype chair, surrounded by his own designs.


2'16 Marco Iannicelli

on show: Ricky Thomsen`s new wall designs made of recycled leather in cooperation with the dutch company Buxkin

2'16 Marco Iannicelli


One of the results of a material challenge for students from Cibap Zwolle.


Creative Design out of Woolfilt 

3D Design Idea with Buxkins Flat Recycled leather.

2'16 Felt/Leather Stripe

Recycled Leather wonderful combination with woolfelt