Explore the Buxkin ‘Evergreen’ Ribbed collection, the unique material characteristics and how it’s made. The so named ‘Original’ collection is made off a wool or recyceld felt or recycled leather top on a jute backing. Ribbed ‘2.0’ offers material choices for top as well as down layers. #wall #upholstery #low for flooring #acoustic+ #sound reflecting #absorbing #perforation #woolfelt #recycled felt #recycled leather.

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Buxkin Brand Character

1.1 Ribbed 2.0
Buxkin; Ribbed Textile Specialist.

Small [PU Coloured]
Large [Woolfelt]
XL [Woolfelt]
Jumbo [Recycled Felt]

1.2 Available versions; Small, Large, XLarge and even a [Super] Jumbo version

Jumbo Recyceld Felt

1.3 Refined manufacturing systems ensure the ribs are always perfectly parallel and evenly spaced.

Buxkin Recycled Leather Small PUColor White 9010

1.4 Add a PU coloured coating, white is our client’s favourite!

Backing -Jute [Ribbed Original]
Backing - Paper [Ribbed 2.0]
Backing - Woolfelt perfo/non perfo [Ribbed 2.0]
Backing - Recycled Felt [Ribbed 2.0]
Backing - Recycled Leather perfo/non perfo [Ribbed 2.0]

1.5 Choose the material of your choice for the top the layer and down layer;  recycled leather, woolfelt, recycled felt or non flammable – synthetic – material. Have it perforated or not.

913 Melange Coffee
893 Melange Citrus
873 Uni Olive
844 Melange Moss
804 Melange Taupe
734 Melange Aubergine
624 Uni Black
583 Melange Mud
571 Natural Mixed Dark
524 Uni Dove Grey

1.6 Buxkin offers 2 felt types; recycled felt – colour grey melange only, made form recycled synthetic fibers and the best 100% woolfelt [> 50 colours available].

Flat and Ribbed Medium Natural

1.7 Be ware, natural materials do vary slightly in colour, width, length and thickness.


1.8 Perforation, tiny or big. For aesthetical reason or acoustic improvement.

Acoustic+ version

1.9  Acoustic+ versions absorp the sound. NRC rating up to 0,95 can be reached! Choose the product selector on the product page.  


1.13 Minimum order for custom colours is 70 m1.

Product HangingPanelLeather Stitchexample

1.14 Natural materials have an organic, tactile quality.  Recycled materials have providence and a story of their own.

Ribbed Non Flammable Curved Surface

1.15 Can be applied to curved surfaces too [special relief Snake]

1.16 New V-cut/corner solutions, Designed with Dutch Designers Arjen Wind & Vera de Pont. Ask for current options.