17 January 2021

/ Buxkin update – Shaping the Future – a temporary halt


Buxkin started in 2015 in a

remarkable way with the first

corrugated products made of

recycled leather and felt,

produced mechanically.

Now, we are taking the opportunity

in this corona time, to shaping our

productions and collections,

in cooperation with our network.

Together we oversee the best ways to continue,

ans shape the future of our

loved products Ribbed and Stripes.

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We are Buxkin: a 21st century company with 21st century values. We enjoy contributing to a greener future by pursuing sustainable cooperation with like-minded firms. Cooperating with companies in the paper-industry gave us the opportunity to provide the market with lightweight textile products. Paper is an outstanding, green base for our textile collection.   The graphic lines that originate from paper industry too fit Buxkins preference to combine minimalistic contemporary design with natural material choices.  This design language makes Buxkin highly aesthetically pleasing. We are striving to cooperate with local companies active in the paper industry to make production as sustainable, fast and clean as possible. 

This is Buxkin, and we have been developing ever since we started; scroll down to find out how we have been doing this in the first 5 years.


20 November 2019
Stripes NL will be represented by Leoxx; the Dutch Specialist in Architectural floor coverings. PoweredbyLeoxx is the name of the rug serie fitting Leoxx famous color book collection.

/ RUG Stripes NO. 4 100% wool felt / recycled leather
Buxkin NL By Leoxx-accCascando
v.l.n.r.JanVeldhoen&WilmaDijkgraaf(Buxkin), HansterHart(Leoxx)


Buxkin, co-owners;
/ Jan Veldhoen
/ Wilma Dijkgraaf
/ Hans ter Hart CEO Leoxx

Pictures by Leoxx, Accessories Cascando

1 / July 2019 – Ribbed 2.0 Synthetic Woolfelt ‘A’ Classified according to the US ASTM E-84-18b test. Go to the product page.

Fire Tests

Our RIBBED 2.0 Small Synthetic Woolfelt (pictures above) is now classified as Class A according to US ASTM E-84-18b!

Now it is also possible to apply Buxkin in any space: corridors, public spaces and offices! Make your design stand out more and choose from 1 of our 32 colors available.

Still need the fire classifications but do you think a bigger wave does fit your design better? Choose our RIBBED 2.0 Large Natural woolfelt (picture below), which is Class C classified! Available in over 50 colors!

Ribbed2.0 Jumbo RecycledLeather Jumbo Natural
Ribbed2.0 Small BiobasedFelt Antracite Lr

Ribbed 2.0 Family;

New; Super Jumbo wave!


Super Jumbo Wool felt RAW White. Available in more than 50 wool felt colors, Plant-based biodegradable felt (8 colors), recycled felt (1 color, grey melange,) and recycled leather (6 tones).