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Buxkin Brand Character

3.1 Started 2015 / Buxkin made a truly characteristic material suitable for the interior market; recycled leather; made from left-over from the shoe industry!

3.2 Buxkin’s Recycled Leather is certificated as 100% natural according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

3.3 The production proces starts with granulating the leather left overs.

Recycled Leather Caramel/coated

3.4 Flat Leather in Natural, Siena and Black

3.5 Flat; production proces.


3.6 The production process


3.7 The production process


3.8 Knowledge of the ideal thickness for wall and upholstery or flooring.

3.9 Flat Recycled Felt; Contains 60% recycled PE fibers.


3.10 Flat Recycled Felt; Grey Melange; fits every room.

3.11 Prefer the natural flameretarding woolfelt? We offer over 50 color best Merino Sheep Woolfelt, 100% pure. Use it Flat as wallcovering in Stripes for flooring and rugs our choose your color for a Ribbed version. 


3.12 Combine (wool)felt and leather in  / Flat  / Ribbed and  / Stripes!

3.13 Woolfelt width 1.80; more or less, no sheep’s the same 😉


3.14 Embrace the charme of natural and recycle materials; slightly variations might be in color and dimensions.


3.15 Ask for our application and Henkel gluing advice; worldwide available.


3.16Knowledge of the ideal thickness for wall and upholstery or flooring.