This is Buxkin, and we have been developing ever since we started; scroll down to find out how we have been doing this in the past years!

April 2015 Buxkin was born;
After many years in fabrics and contemporary design and serving Architects & Designers, Veldhoen & Dijkgraaf met and worked together, at the Swiss carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl. In 2012, Veldhoen started the research that led to the first designs of Buxkin: a redefinition of materials used in the shoe industry, produced till wall and upholstery decorating ribs and stripes. In close cooperation with her suppliers Buxkin developed the leather into a material suitable for interior surfaces.

April 2017 – 2.0 due to technology development – Ribbed Textile Specialist

Large 2.0 and Jumbo are  april 2017 innovations. ‘Due to cross-over technology we’re able to offer precisely manufactured Ribs, in several sizes -Small till Super Jumbo – with  variation in backing: from felt, leather to paper. With perforated upper and lower layers; depending of esthetical desires and acoustic ones.’ Veldhoen en Dijkgraaf proudly presented first previews of these great developments. Writing history in textile industry!

Contributing to a greener, well designed future, with like-minded firms
With Buxkin we took an initiating attitude in contributing to a greener future by pursuing sustainable cooperation with like-minded firms. Cooperating with companies in the packaging-industry gave us the opportunity to provide the market with lightweight textile products. Paper is an outstanding, green base for our textile collection.  The graphic lines that originate from paper industry fit Buxkins preference to combine minimalistic contemporary design with natural material choices.  This design language makes Buxkin highly aesthetically pleasing besides the acoustical benifits.

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Jan Veldhoen

Wilma Dijkgraaf

Download Bio Jan Veldhoen co-owner/co-founder of Buxkin.

Download Bio Wilma Dijkgraaf-Hofmeijer
co-owner/co-founder of Buxkin.


NAME BUXKIN; When Buxkin started developing their material; combining Wool felt and (recycled) leather, the product was named after a former working trouser: Buxkin. Great material that lasts long and feels warm. Fitting Buxkin’s ambitions ‘Creative use of sustainable materials’ for warm and rough interiors with a soft touch!

Buxkin’s recycled leather is made of left-overs from the shoe industry. After granulating the leather, flat roles are produced and transformed in to the unique Buxkin Ribbed products.

Granulated Leather left-overs
Buxkin real leather Ribbed
Production Ribbed 2.0 Jan Stefano
Production2.0 Topdown

BUXKIN – RIBBED TEXTILE SPECIALIST, 2017; By initiating an innovative project in the packaging industry, Buxkin became a Ribbed Textile Specialist! Ribbed textiles, made in an industrial patented process. Combining recycled leather and all kinds of textiles, such as wool felt and plant based felt with paper. Simply delivered on a role. Sustainable and lightweight.


STRIPES – ALREADY FROM THE BEGINNING OF 2000, JAN VELDHOEN, ONE OF BUXKIN FOUNDERS STARTED THE PRODUCTION OF STRIPES. By combining wool felt with recycled leather, Stripes became a real unique, innovative Buxkin product. Also available in recycled materials only; recycled felt, grey melange – recycled leather.
UpDown is a Stripes special produced with 2 wool felt heights.