April 2015 Buxkin was born;
After many years in fabrics and contemporary design and serving Architects & Designers, Veldhoen & Dijkgraaf met and worked together, at the Swiss carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl. In 2012, Veldhoen started the research that led to the first designs of Buxkin: a redefinition of materials used in the shoe industry. In close cooperation with her suppliers Buxkin developed the leather into a material suitable for interior surfaces.
Buxkin 2.0 due to technology development;
Large 2.0 and Jumbo are the latest, april 2017 innovations. ‘Due to cross-over technology we’re able to offer you variation in backing: from felt, leather to paper. With perforated upper and lower layers; depending of esthetical desires and acoustic ones.’ Veldhoen en Dijkgraaf proudly present first previews of these great developments.

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