Welcome to Buxkin. We have been innovating ever since we started!

April 2015 Buxkin is born!
After years in fabrics and contemporary design serving Architects & Designers, Jan Veldhoen started the research that led to the first designs of Buxkin: a redefinition of recycled materials, redesigned as wall and upholstery decorating ribs and stripes.

April 2017 – 2.0 is launched!

Thanks to revolutionary cross-over technology Buxkin can offer precisely manufactured Ribs in several sizes, from Small to Super Jumbo, with variation in backing ranging from felt, leather to paper. With unique features such as perforated upper and lower layers depending on the aesthetic and acoustic desires!

​2020 - Contributing to a greener, well designed future, with like-minded firms!
With Buxkin we took an initiating attitude in contributing to a greener future by pursuing sustainable cooperation with like-minded firms. These partnerships lead to the development of lightweight textile products. The graphic lines that originate from the paper industry fit the Buxkin goal of combining minimalist contemporary design with green, natural material choices!

We welcome your inquiries in English, Dutch, German, French, Polish, and Czech, for projects across the world!


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