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Buxkin Brand Character

Make your own color combination. 

50/50 Grey-Black
50/50 Brown-Beige

2.2 Our premium stars: 50/50 Grey-Black and 50/50 Brown-Beige; 50% leather stripes and 50% best wool felt stripes.

2.3 Our very special loop version; at request.

2.4 Buxkin founder Jan Veldhoen made the first Dutch made Stripes ever early 2000. Starting with Buxkin we added recycled leather to make it even more strong and give it the unique Buxkin character.

2.5 Suitable as wallcladding, a rug and contract flooring.

2.6 Embrace the charme of natural and recycle materials. 

2.7 Slightly variations in color and dimensions.

2.8 Make your detailed flooring plan. Think about seems. Feel free to ask for our help.

2.9 Stripes is made by hand.

2.10 Watch the Stripesdesigner introduction movie.

2.11 Delivery-time 4-12 weeks, depending of the quantity.

2.12 Watch our references; more on our references page.

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2.15 Ask for our application Henkel gluing advice.

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